Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

NGINXaaS for Azure is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) version of NGINX Plus that enables application developers to deliver consistent, secure, and high-performance apps in the cloud – deployed straight from the Azure Marketplace with just a few clicks on the console.

Tightly integrated with the Microsoft Azure public cloud and its ecosystem, this integration makes applications fast, efficient, and reliable with full lifecycle management of advanced NGINX traffic services. NGINXaaS for Azure integrates with core Azure services – including Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure Key Vault, Azure Monitor, and Azure DevOps – meaning admins can easily leverage the Azure Portal, Azure Console, Azure API/SDK, Azure CLI, and Terraform for configuration and management.

NGINX Plus and Microsoft Azure diagram

NGINXaaS for Azure Benefits and Features

Advanced Traffic Management

Capabilities include basic caching, rate limiting, manual scaling, and active health checks, plus built-in integrations with Azure Key Vault for managing SSL/TLS certificates and safeguarding your keys and secrets.

Easy Migration Path from Existing On-Prem or Private Cloud to Azure

Lift and shift, migrate, or extend existing NGINX workloads to the cloud. Bring your own configuration (BYOC) to Azure with minimal effort, helping your organization save money, increase flexibility, and achieve consistency across the portfolio.

Robust Security

Achieve robust and consistent security by using a single trusted load balancing solution across your entire estate of applications, both on premises and in the cloud. NGINXaaS for Azure supports TLS 1.3, single sign-on (SSO), and JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication.

Ease of Use, with “One-Stop” Visibility and Management

Leverage the flexibility and power of Azure to view and manage all your applications in one place – simplifying the tasks associated with tracking SSL/TLS certificates and increasing control of security across your entire NGINX Plus estate.

Deep Integration with Azure Components for the Same “Look and Feel”

Get a consistent experience across all services through deep integration with Azure ecosystems – leveraging Azure Console, Azure Monitor, Azure Storage, and other services for a comprehensive app delivery and load balancing solution.

Consumption-Based Pricing

NGINXaaS for Azure’s consumption-based pricing model helps align infrastructure costs to actual usage by billing transactions via Azure. Like the service itself, the deployment and management model is fully integrated into Azure, with trials, PAYGO, annual contracts, and multi-year contracts all available via the Azure portal.

Want to give F5 NGINXaaS for Azure a try? Visit the Azure Marketplace or contact us to discuss your use cases.

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